About us

If you put all the colors from country flags where we have lived into one, you will sure get a nice color stroke! We have continued a friendship that started in Asia; we were both living in Thailand, and we brought it into Europe – where we both live.

Hans is the artist that likes to show of! He can dance on water, he treats massive lions like little pussy cats and he has an exceptional, sometimes fun but surely unique life!

Art is as true as we imagen it is, so make it happen!


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Color Stroke Serie

De Color Stroke Serie is een hele bijzondere serie schilderijen gemaakt in 2018 – 2020. Deze website hebben wij special inleven geroepen om dit de schoonheid en titels ervan te delen.

5 paintings (to warm you up)

At the moment this website is showing 34 paintings. The slideshow shows 5 examples